AF 2020 Fellow Esther McManus creates artist’s wiki with Chisenhale Studios

#ArtsFoundationFellow Esther McManus has been working with Chisenhale Studios to create a new Wiki for artists through their Into the Wild programme!

“At the start of our Into the Wild program our local artworlds felt like ladders, and we questioned how things could be different. Over the course of the program we’ve discussed both the importance of our local networks and the value of them being connected to each other – when local resources and knowledge is shared more broadly, we can all benefit.
With this in mind, we’re developing a wiki to highlight and value what we already have and to share this knowledge with others. We’d like to invite you to join us in building this site, and to make it your own – it’s not something for you to climb but something to be a part of.
The joy of wikis is that every reader can also be a contributor – you can add your own content and help build the site into a valuable resource for even more people. Don’t worry if you’ve never edited or contributed to online spaces before – start small and enjoy exploring!

First you’ll need to set up an account, and then log in to make edits and add content. When logged in, you’ll be able to switch between the two different ways of interacting with this site – reading and editing. Start by adding yourself to the ‘Networks’ page, which contains an atlas of workshops, facilities, art groups and artists in the UK. Under each region of the UK there’s a listing for artists, so you can connect with others living and working in your area. Take some time to describe who you want to connect with and what you’re able to share with others. You might be keen to share skills or facilities, or connect with local artists for crit groups, or anything else that could support your own practice and/or the practices of others.

From here, help to map the spaces and facilities that support emerging artists around the UK. Add any artist-run initiatives in your area, or your local copy shop or hardware store, telling us what makes them so valuable.

We’re keen to hear about your first impressions and experiences of the wiki, and will be hosting an online Q&A, find out more at!”