The Arts Foundation Futures Awards 2023: Place Writing Category Announced

The Arts Foundation is delighted to share that the fifth category of the 30th edition of The Arts Foundation Futures Awards 2023 is Place Writing!⁠


The Place Writing Award supports writers with a practice focused on writing about the spirit of place.⁠

Over the last century, place, site, and travel writing have dramatically shifted from vivid descriptions of faraway places to something unique and creative. Place Writing now encompasses journeys into a broad range of imaginative thinking – from the psyche to the crucible of political and environmental global thinking and events. In recent travel restricted times it has also evoked the form or spirit of place- be it challenging, grittily realistic, nostalgic, fantastical or whimsical. ⁠

The award supports writers working within traditional reportage and non-fiction, but also across poetry, graphic storytelling and fiction.

⁠The recipient of the Arts Foundation Futures Awards 2023 for Place Writing receives a £10,000 Fellowship, and all three shortlisted artists receive £1,000.⁠

In the coming weeks, we look forward to announcing this year’s independent Jury of artists and industry professionals who will select the Shortlisted Artists and winning Fellow.

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