NEWS: Angie Bual’s PoliNations in Birmingham, 2022

AF Fellow Angie Bual of  Trigger Stuff is creating PoliNations, an epic city centre forest garden celebrating colour, beauty & natural diversity, in Birmingham 2022!⁠

Step into a city-centre forest garden of magical proportions where you will be welcomed by an epic array of colour and nature. ⁠

Towering architectural super-trees drink rainwater and create electricity using wind power, as the forest garden plays host to a vibrant and spectacular free events programme situated in an oasis of thousands of plants and flowers co-planted by the city’s residents.⁠

This supernatural wonderland uncovers the origin stories of the plants we know so well – daisies, pansies, apple trees, roses – in fact these, and most of the plants we see in our gardens are not from the UK. They tell the story of journeys, movement, dispersal, and new roots.⁠

PoliNations is a celebration of colour, beauty, and of natural diversity. Explore, enjoy and be your true unique self. You can experience music from around the world, an incredible light show each evening, and a grand finale like no other where the super-tree’s canopies will burst into a joyful cloud of confetti and colour. This is Pride, Carnival and Holi combined in one brilliant, messy, playful all-day-all-night party and everyone is invited.⁠