Sarah Wood (Essay Films, 2017)Vanishing

Current Award Sponsors

Due to the success of its longstanding fellowship program, the Arts Foundation has attracted legacies from Artists’ Estates, Corporations, and other Foundations allowing the charity to increase the number of fellowships awarded and give every shortlisted artist £1,000 towards their practice. For more information on how you can support the Foundation follow this link. A full list of all our patrons can be found here.


Current Supporters

  • The David Collins Foundation

    Launched in 2016 the Foundation has been set up in memory of the late designer David Colilns in order to honour his legacy and celebrate his love and contribution to the Arts. The organisation has partnered with the Arts Foundation in order to award fellowships across multiple disciplines to young artists, designers and artisans who, with the support, could help them move to another level. Established in 1985, the David Collins Studio is an architectural based consultancy which has redefined luxury interior design on a global scale.

  • The Clothworkers’ Company

    The Clothworkers’ Company has supported a Materials Innovation Award for the past four years. 2019 will bring the first of a new series of 'Material Evolution' Awards with the focus being on Designer-Makers. This will be followed by an award for Materials Innovation followed by an award focusing on materials related to social innovation. The Award aims to identify where the current shoots of enterprise are coming from in the UK, reflecting and encouraging new ways of thinking involving practitioners from different backgrounds involved in textiles and related material development.

    The Clothworkers’ Company supports many charities which are set up to improve the lives of people and communities particularly those facing disadvantage. To date it has awarded grants of more than £130m.

  • The Yoma Sasburg Estate

    Gifted by her daughter Roselyn in 2010 the Yoma Sasburg legacy has already funded many different artists including sculptors, installation artists and live performance artists. Thanks to the legacy it will continue to fund a fellowship in Fine Art into the foreseeable future.

    Born in Amsterdam Yoma Sasburg was a professional ballet dancer. She married the prolific film composer Edward Clifton Parker and later trained as a sculptor under David Weekes becoming a founder member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.