Aurélie Fontan (Regenerative Design, 2024)MYCELIUM PLINTHS. Osmose Studio

Aurélie Fontan

Shortlisted in 2024 for Regenerative Design

Aurélie Fontan is a bio designer and entrepreneur working in the fields of fashion and product design with symbiotic and regenerative principles. With an MA from the Royal College of Art, Aurélie set up her eponymous Couture studio in London, producing one-of-a-kind catwalk collections exploring multiple sustainable strategies, including zero-waste, material recapture and circularity, design for disassembly and bio-fabrication (growing textiles with microorganisms). 

In 2019 Aurélie co-founded a mycelium interior design studio with Ashley Granter – Osmose Studio. The studio, awarded the London Mayor Entrepreneur Award in Creative Industries 2020 and IUK grants utilises regenerative properties of mycelium to design fully biodegradable, cold-compostable furniture and home accessories while doing R&D in soil remediation and rewilding with fungi.

Having explored how textiles and fashion can be manufactured with waste valorisation and a positive environmental impact throughout the supply chain, in 2021 Aurélie also co-founded Colour Earth with Meredith Wood and Christopher Ferguson. Colour Earth is a regenerative textile dyeing startup, which utilises biological processes to restore ecosystems and scale up natural dyes commercially.