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Beth Legg

Shortlisted in 2010 for Jewellery Design

Scottish-born Beth Legg uses the remote landscape of her country as one of the strongest influences in her jewellery. The way in which the natural elements form and sculpt the vast open places in the far north of Scotland fascinates her and she reflects this in her work.

On completing her BA in Design and Applied Arts at Edinburgh College of Art in 2003, she took her degree show to New Designers in Islington, where she was awarded The Harley Award for the Best Use of Materials and second place as New Designer of the Year.
Her studio has been compared to an artistic laboratory, where she surrounds herself with collected objects that inspire experimentation and have a powerful relationship with the environment she has taken them from.

On completing an MA in Design in 2005 she was invited to Japan where she exhibited her work in Gallery Watsu, Tokyo and Gallery Kan, Kyoto. Legg’s UK exhibitions have included Collect 2009, represented by CraftScotland and presented by Crafts Council at the new Saatchi Gallery.