Haroon Mirza (Sculpture, 2011)Haroon MirzaInterview with the Wire Magazine

Haroon Mirza

Shortlisted in 2011 for Sculpture

Haroon Mirza (born 1977, London) is a British artist, based in London and Sheffield. Haroon combines ready-made materials together with audio compositions to create site-specific installations. In doing so, Haroon complicates the distinctions between noise, sound and music, and alters the function and meaning of everyday objects. The sounds in his work are created by mis-wiring household electronics and/or audiovisual equipment embracing noise created by interference or malfunction which he layers and structures so it can be perceived as music. Haroon’s piece Sanctuary (2009) is based on beatmixing in late 60s New York which encompasses his interest into socio-cultural practices such as religious faith or club culture and their relationship to music. Deploying existing artwork he says ‘attempts to subvert its original function; and aims to question the value systems that shadow art and its institutions’.

Haroon was recently awarded the Silver Lion Award at the 2011, 54th Venice Biennale ‘Illuminations’. He was awarded the Northern Art Prize in 2010. Lisson Gallery hosted Mirza’s most recent solo show, 2011. His work is currently displayed at this years’ 54th Venice Biennial, as well as in the British Art Show 7. Haroon Mirza holds an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, and an MA in Critical Practice and Theory from Goldsmiths, University of London.