Lee Hart (Theatre-Makers, 2022)Lee Hart, Remnants - The Attic

Lee Hart

Fellow in 2022 for Theatre-Makers

The award was a huge honour and a massive boost to my confidence… The money was a huge help, easing the anxiety that is so often there humming away in the background around ‘how am I going to pay my rent next month.’ To be able to live more openly and courageously as ideas are explored.

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Lee Hart is a director, devisor, and practitioner, making ambitious theatre experiences with, and for, some of the hardest to reach members of our communities. Since 2012 Lee has worked closely with the Theatre Royal Plymouth to develop, deliver, and creatively direct the Our Space project – a theatre making programme working with adults who may have faced challenges involving homelessness, isolation, mental health issues, substance misuse or re-offending. Our Space is a large-scale creative programme working in the community, in the theatre, and making public work with artists with lived experience. After initially training as an actor at Rose Bruford College, Lee began to explore movement direction and choreography in 2003 with Birds of Paradise on the award winning Irish Giant, creating a physical language for a company of disabled and non-disabled actors. In 2008 Lee formed Salt Factory with playwright Nell Leyshon, with the ambition of creating bold, ambitious performance, through the grassroots engagement of the local community.

In 2019 Lee formed Voodoo Monkeys with Our Space participant Jason Brownlee. The company are currently rehearsing, Today I Killed My Very First Bird – written by Jason and based on his experiences of childhood trauma, violence, addiction, and redemption. In 2022 Voodoo Monkeys will begin work on a new project with Iranian born Fariboz Ferridouni, a survivor of the Iran/Iraq war and political exile, living in Plymouth.