Lindsey Mendick (Visual Arts, 2020)9004. PROUDICK installation view photo credit Damian Griffiths 28 1 copy

Lindsey Mendick

Shortlisted in 2020 for Visual Arts

Lindsey Mendick is a visual artist working primarily in ceramics, a practice that allows her to be “resolutely embedded” in all aspects of her sculpture. She combines low culture iconography and high culture methods of construction to create what she describes as “humorously decadent and elaborate installations that enable the viewer to explore their personal history in a cathartic fashion.”

One of Mendick’s most recent works The Ex Files (2019) – a “monstrous love letter” to the melodrama of heartbreak and her time working as a PA” – is a sculpture installation inspired by her ex-lovers. One section – ‘You Used To Love That About Me’ – consists of approximately 250 ceramic post-its which tell the story of her past relationships and their downfall.

Mendick’s own practice is intertwined with community projects and bringing mental health awareness to the foreground of fine art, allowing her to channel her own anxiety in a meaningful way. In ‘Kunstraum’ she created a pottery for women who identify as having low self-esteem; and during ‘The Turnpike Pottery’ project she did the same for local children in the care system.