Louise Lenborg Skajem (Bio Design, 2023)Resting Reef

Louise Lenborg Skajem

Fellow in 2023 for Bio Design

Louise Lenborg Skajem is an interdisciplinary designer who uses material exploration and biomimicry as methods to design innovations that tackle climate change. Louiseā€™s creative journey started after she completed a foundation year in Paris, graduated with a BA in Design from Goldsmiths University and a MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design at The Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, and co-founded two companies. Starting her master’s during the pandemic taught her to navigate through uncertainty and develop an intrinsic drive to expand her knowledge and skills.

Louise has a curious and intuitive design approach, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to complex problems. Her experience in consultancy, sustainability, film, fashion, and interior industries, as well as her dual master’s in science and art, has given Louise the ability and the interest in finding unexpected connections between disciplines.

As a designer, Louise enjoys mixing scientific research and innovative thinking to create novel sustainable ideas for the real world. Her most recent project Resting Reef is an eco-burial service that uses crushed oyster shells and bone ash to build reef structures that enhance marine growth. After being shortlisted for the prestigious Terra Carta Design Lab, Louise and her co-founder Aura Murillo decided to pursue their ambition to make Resting Reef a reality.