Malu Luecking (Bio Design, 2023)Malu Luecking, in collaboration with Annekathrin Grüneberg & Juni Neyenhuys. Anicca - for the sense of impermanence, 2019. Woven staple fibres from alginate. Photo Credit: Malu Luecking & Juni Neyenhuys

Malu Luecking

Shortlisted in 2023 for Bio Design

Malu Luecking is an interdisciplinary designer based in London. She graduated with a Bachelor’s from the Art Academy in Berlin in the department of textile and surface design and holds a Master’s degree in Biodesign from Central St. Martins, University Of The Arts London. Her work has a strong focus on speculative design futures and biomaterial research. Social, emotional and tactile experiences play an important role in her work which she explores through different media from physical objects to the digital landscape. Driven by her fascination for the underwater world, for the past years, Malu’s work is all about algae. In her work, she explores the potential of both microalgae and macroalgae as a resource of regenerative aquaculture for today’s material world and the future of food. She also co-founded the material innovation start-up mujō in 2020.

Malu is participating in a group exhibition as part of DesignTo Festival in Toronto, Canada from 11 January – 4 February 2023.