Michael Simpson (Painting, 2000)

Michael Simpson

Fellow in 2000 for Painting

For the last 2 decades Simpson has been making a series of paintings (now numbering approximately 70), which bear the self-explanatory designation ‘Bench Paintings’. The series began with a work intended as a homage to Biordano Bruno the Neopolitan philosopher who was burned alive for heresy after 8 years of torture. Since then he has persisted with them for many reasons including its value as a fixed coherent form. Simpson described the ‘bench’ as a place where justic and injustic are administered. The paintings are large, typically more than 7 ft high and 16ft long which make exhibiting them a serious commitment.
2010 he held a solo show of The Bench Painting Series at the U R A Gallery, Istanbul, A fully illustrated catalogue was produced with essay and introduction by Barry Schwabsky and Alistair Warman.

His work has been in various collections including the Arts Council, England
Stuyvesant Foundation
Control Techniques, The Arup Building
Arts Council, Northern Ireland
University of Oxford and the
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.