Rie Nakajima (Experimental Music, 2014)RieNakajima03

Rie Nakajima

Fellow in 2014 for Experimental Music

Using sound, I look for a state where things start to react to each other, freed from their specific contexts’ explains Japanese-born Rie Nakajima of her work. Since studying sculpture at Chelsea and later the Slade Rie has been working on installations and performances which produce sounds using a combination of kinetic devices, audio materials and found objects. Each work is unique as she composes in real-time in direct response to the unique context of each space creating rhythmically complex and self-developing sounds, from the micro-acrobatics of her spinning wind-up toys to the blare and wet echo of air passing through water. As says a writer for Void+ ‘Nakajima’s sonic magnificence is in how her objects alter from quotidian to sonic arrangements through repetition and accumulation….like an army of them…they accrue and are soundings, and the experience of the work is wholly majestic.’
She has produced ‘Sculpture’ with David Toop since 2013, and ‘O YAMA O’, a music band, with Keiko Yamamoto, and ‘Dead Plants and Living Objects’ with Pierre Berthet. She has released her first album ‘Four Forms’ in 2014. She has exhibited and performed widely, both in the UK and overseas.