SAGG NAPOLI (Visual Arts, 2020)Stills from 'You're a lie with smooth thighs and painted nails' Jupiter Woods, London 2017


Finalist in 2020 for Visual Arts

SAGG NAPOLI’s artistic practice manifests in her eponymous, semi-autobiographical research project which takes her hometown of Naples as a starting point to map contemporary cultures. Narrating the current socio-economic situation of Southern Europe, SAGG NAPOLI’s research manifests in a “physical archive” of objects, videos, social media, and her own body.

The ‘South aesthetic’ was displayed in SAGG NAPOLI’s 2017 exhibition – Si na bugij pi cosc lisc e o smalt ngopp all’ogn- You’re a lie with smooth thighs and painted nails (Jupiter Woods Gallery). The primary piece – a 12-minute looped video shot in Naples – presented SAGG NAPOLI using her body as a vehicle to narrate a “visual dictionary” comprising symbols, music and architecture.

Through her online prescence she turns performative practice into a universal Instagram language, characterised by a millennial propensity for pouting and being ‘extra’.

E COS FAVZ S’APPICN – FAKE THINGS ARE FLAMMABLE (Foothold, Polignano a Mare, 2018) – looked at the subjective importance of place. Featuring a series of ‘adverts’, the show highlighted the irony in the way certain locations that are seen by some as mundane, are highly culturally charged for others.

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