Sam Lee (Folk Music, 2011)

Sam Lee

Fellow in 2011 for Folk Music

In many ways the Award has allowed me to gestate for the year and develop as an artist in ways I wouldn't have had the creative space for had the finances not been available.

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Biography: Folk Singer, Song Collector and Presenter, Sam Lee has spent the last 13 years working with some of the most exciting British and international folk artists and industry professionals re-galvanizing the London and UK folk scene through his live events challenging the ecosystem in which the music is fostered, the way it sounds and how it is presented. Sam is a Board member of both Folk Allaince International and Featured Artists Coalition and is director of the Nest Collective and The Song Collectors Collective. He is an award winning and Mercury Music Prize Nominee musician himself Sam has been instrumental as one of the new wave of young activists shaping the landscape of folk world and roots music in the UK. Photo by Frederic Aranda