Selina Nwulu (Environmental Writing, 2021)The Secrets I Let Slip by Selina Nwulu

Selina Nwulu

Shortlisted in 2021 for Environmental Writing

Selina Nwulu is a writer, poet and essayist, examining migration, race, climate change and social justice through a personal lens, linking these issues to notions of identity, (un)belonging and home. In a climate where we have access to a surplus of information, Nwulu is of the opinion that a lack of knowledge isn’t the only issue; rather, she is concerned with a lack of empathy. Her creative writing, therefore, seeks to highlight different perspectives and ways of understanding social and climate justice issues, encouraging the reader to connect with this information differently, through emotion and human stories.

Selina Nwulu has worked extensively in schools teaching students to think about different ways to speak about climate change, as well as with numerous arts and cultural institutions discussing how they can broaden narratives around climate and weave this into their practice. Her debut collection, The Secrets I Let Slip, was published by Burning Eye Books in 2015. She has toured with her poetry both nationally and internationally, most notably at Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe and St Anza Poetry Festival, as well as a literary tour in Northern India with the British Council.