Tanya Auclair (Choral Composition, 2021)Tanya Auclair ©2014 Sophia Schorr-Kon

Tanya Auclair

Finalist in 2021 for Choral Composition

Tanya Auclair is a British-Rwandan music and sound artist. Her work explores rhythm, voice and electronica, treating everyday life like new mythologies and taking an embodied approach to exploring ideas with sound. Her versatility has led to a wide range of multi-disciplinary projects and collaborations including a live rework / scoring of Afro-Brazilian classic Black Orpheus with Charlie Dark, and The Sensory Score, a multi-sensory concert for blindfolded audience.

Taking inspiration from the vibrations with which bees communicate, and the patterns created by their social organisation, The Swarm is a choral-sound piece that takes us on an intimate journey as a colony of bees takes flight in search of a new home, while Auclair’s Four Points Talk is a musique concrète series made from recordings of buildings. Other commissions include In Waves for the Roundhouse Choir, a residency with community multi-arts organisation Co-Create, and more recently working with pioneering Rwandan drum ensemble Ingoma Nshya. Her latest piece Munganyinka is a Transformer was commissioned by The Riot Ensemble as part of their Zeitgeist series, and premieres this November at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.