Vann Kwok (Jewellery Design, 2016)Outré

Vann Kwok

Fellow in 2016 for Jewellery Design

For Hong Kong born Vann Kwok, jewellery design provides a perfect platform to thread together her interests and experience spanning design, fashion, photography and motion picture.
Her work is largely informed by historical references to painting and sculpture as seen in her recent collection completed for her Masters at the London College of Fashion which drew inspiration from the compositions of colour, line, form and space of early Western still life and modernist geometric abstract painting.
Albeit with references to the past her work also has a contemporary feel coming from her use of material and sense of materiality. Calling her work ‘modern alchemy’ she adds, ‘I experiment with materials’ logic in response to forces such as gravity, weight, cooling, heating. pressure and their corresponding effects – melting, free-flowing and bending. I look for odd, misshapen or awkward results that carry the trace of chance.’