Véronique Rolland (Portraiture, 2009)unnamed (7)

Véronique Rolland

Fellow in 2009 for Portraiture

Véronique Rolland is an artist whose work in still and moving image centers on our relationship with nature and the environment. Her urge to bear witness to specific places leads her to create records in a variety of media, including photographs, videos, samples and sound recordings. Her images carry an ecological message, expressing both nature’s fragility and its possession of a constancy beyond our comprehension.

Several of her past projects revisited locations over a long period of time. By immersing herself and her sitters in the landscape, she has sought to visually express the transience of the human condition through the cycle of the seasons. Through her observation of landscape and the human form, Véronique engages with the quasi-mystical, the Sublime, and the Romantic, reminding us that the natural world we take for granted is under threat.

Her latest project, Memories of an Unknown Island, blurs fact and fiction. Photographs taken in a multitude of countries are presented together to create a fictional location, an imaginary, uninhabited utopia where emotional and visual memories merge.

Véronique has published three limited-edition books:  6 (2011),  54°0’13.176″N2°32’52.278″W (2017) and Memories of an Unknown Island (2022)

Rolland’s photographic prints and limited-edition books are housed in private collections and the permanent collections of museums including:
National Portrait Gallery, London
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Artists’ Books Collection, V&A National Art Library, London
Kandinsky Library, Pompidou Centre, Paris