Celebrating ten years of support from the Yoma Sasburg legacy Estate!

This year we are celebrating ten years of support from the Yoma Sasburg Estate!

Born in Amsterdam in 1918, Yoma was a professional dancer, choreographer and sculptor. Sasburgh toured with Joos Ballet and the ENSA, before touring extensively as an independent dancer, collaborating with Edward Clifton Parker, Eleanor Farjeon, Alan Badel,Bernard Miles, Hugh Hunt, George Devine and Glen Byam-Shaw, among many others.

Yoma married the prolific film composer Edward Clifton Parker. She taught at RADA and and later trained as a sculptor under David Weekes becoming a founder member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Gifted by her daughter Roselyn in 2010 the Yoma Sasburg legacy has already funded ten different Arts Foundation Fellowships, including Ima-Abasi-Okon, Jamila Johnson-Small, Lydia Ourahmane, Evan Ifekoya, Ruth Ewan, Alex Hartley, Leah Capaldi, Rachel Champion, Ruth Claxton and Matt Golden.

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