• 22-11-2018
  • Finalists announced for Poetry Award

  • Ella Frears , Will Harris , Alice Hiller and Robert Herbert McClean have been selected as the finalists for the Arts Foundation Poetry Award supported by The David Collins Foundation.

    Mirroring the recent ‘renaissance’ in poetry, the award attracted the largest number of nominations from established practitioners and experts across the UK. The focus this year was poetry on the page with the four finalists incorporating inventive energy, multidisciplinary practices and the bending of forms to express their experiences and concerns.

    For Alice Hillier her quest of finding forms of language to articulate both personal and difficult experiences was highly commended by the judges, as was her desire, through this process, to contribute to the process of changing awareness around the sexual abuse of children.

    Questions of identity in relation to language and the literary tradition were prominent in Will Harris's work, a writer of mixed Anglo-Indonesian heritage whose highly individual style bordered prose and verse.

    With Ella Frears’s (pictured) her borders extend to the visual arts in which she also is active through residencies, commissions and curated events such as a recent multi-media ‘funeral’ event at Bold Tendencies (2017).

    And Robert Herbert McClean , an Irish writer and audio-visual artist whose interdisciplinary approach gives his poetry a refreshing vitality and a poetic freedom that makes it feel new and exciting.

    The panel presiding over the applications comprised of the poets Sarah Howe and Mark Waldron and journalist and editor at the FT Maria Crawford .

    All the finalists will receive £1,000 with the exception of one who will be awarded the £10,000 fellowship. This will be announced at the AFFAs (Arts Foundation Futures Awards) at the ICA on the 28th January along with the results from the four other artforms; Hip Hop Dance, Experimental Architecture, Visual Arts and Designer-Makers.

    The David Collins Foundation was set up in 2016 in memory of the late designer David Collins to honour his legacy and celebrate his love and contribution to the Arts. For 2019 their support mirrors David's personal interest in poetry both as a reader of new poets and penning his own when he had time.

  • 19-11-2018
  • Finalists announced for Hip Hop Dance Award

  • Kwame Asafo-Adjei, Julia Cheng, Juan Gaviria and Chris Reyes have been selected as the finalists for the first Hip Hop Dance Award supported by The Arts Foundation, a charity which supports UK based talent across the Arts.
    The four were selected from a longlist of dancers nominated by practitioners & producers from around the country. The criteria included all forms of street dance focusing on those breaking boundaries with the artform to create their particular style and method of working.

    The Finalists represent an amazing array of talent in the sector; Kwame Asafo-Adjei work explores black identity and history through hip hop movement and physical story-telling, challenging the stereotypes of the genre as well as tackling social and political subjects. Julia Cheng's captivating work with her collective of largely female artists are at the cutting edge of jazz, poetry, dance and tech. She recently has been involved in exploring wearable tech and how it can create sound scores through movement. Juan Gaviria (pictured) is 'the general' of Soul Mavericks who have helped put the UK on the map for breaking by winning multiple competitions internationally as well as nurturing a new crew of superstars in the making. And finally Chris Reyes whose work is now central to developing the hip hop dance theatre sector with his unique jazz/live/social mix and highlighting the importance of understanding the social context behind such work.
    An eminent panel presided over the applications comprised of Delia Barker, dance specialist and programmes director at the Roundhouse; Benji Reid, one of the UKs pioneer of hip hop theatre and culture and Kenrick Sandy MBE, award-winning dancer, choreographer, teacher, actor and co-founder/artistic director of the legendary Boy Blue Entertainment.
    All the finalists will receive £1,000 with the exception of one who will be awarded the £10,000 fellowship. This will be announced at the AFFAs (Arts Foundation Futures Awards) at the ICA on the 28th January at the ICA along with the results from the four other artforms; poetry, experimental architecture, visual arts and designer-makers.
    The decision to include Hip Hop Dance was due in part to an article in 2017 in Arts Professional which stated that in addition to no conservatoires offering educational training to hip hop or street dance artists, that practitioners ‘are unable to access commissions and large scale profiling because their work isn’t seen as equal to that of other dance genres.’
    Over the past 25 years The Arts Foundation has given over £1.7m to individual artists from across the spectrum of the Arts with the aim of buying them time away from commissions to allow them sit, think, imagine, plan and be rigorous in creating ideas and begin to develop future work. For more info on the artists : http://www.artsfoundation.co.uk/content/2019-shortlist

  • 15-11-2018
  • Sarat Babu creates new titanium material

  • Materials Innovation finalist in 2015, Sarat Babu and his team at Betatype have developed a new titanium mesh fabric material with London based company called Uniform Wares who explore how Metal Additive Manufacturing can re-invent their products. Betatype collaborated with the luxury watchmakers to develop and manufacture a new titanium mesh for their straps and bracelets as part of their new 2019 watch collection. The material, which is to be used for a forthcoming watch line, is completely built on Betaype's site and is already shipping globally.

    Sarat's works focus on the microscopic, looking at how shape and form at a miniscule level can affect the macroscopic for altering the properties a material has to dynamically produce a disassociated tactile experience. Much of his current work uses pioneering research into sintered metals and microarchitecture to produce materials which are ultra light and yet capable of incredible strength.

    The Materials Evolution Award has been supported by The Clothworkers' Company for the past 4 years. It focuses on entrepreneurial Materials Innovation which incorporates a broad set of practices permeating design thinking and problem-solving in society. For more information on past winners please go here : http://www.artsfoundation.co.uk/Artist-Genre/821

    Pictured : C36 watch with titanium mesh NATO strap / Image courtesy of Uniform Wares.

  • 15-11-2018
  • Designer-Makers Fabio Hendry, Oscar Lhermitte, The Bristol Weaving Mill and Liam Hopkins have been shortlisted for the £10,000 Arts Foundation Materials Evolution Award supported by The Clothworkers' Company.

  • The Materials Innovation Award has set a new agenda bringing together extraordinary work for further support and public recognition. Initiated five years ago by The Clothworkers’ Company and the Arts Foundation, it backed entrepreneurial materials innovators such as Julia Lohmann for her work with seaweed within design and Sarat Babu for his work in microkinetics, developing materials capable of changing their physical property.

    It’s evident that entrepreneurial materials innovation now describes a broader set of practices permeating design thinking and problem-solving in society including practitioners interested in ethics and social impact where materials become ‘tools for social change’, and others who identify themselves as part of the ‘maker movement’– engaged from idea through production to application or market.

    Taking this into consideration the Prize will now be running three parallel categories, awarded on a yearly rotation comprised of Materials Innovation, Social Innovation and lastly Designer-Makers which was selected for this years’ award.

    Four designer-makers, Bristol Weaving Mill, Fabio Hendry , Oscar Lhermitte
    and Liam Hopkins have now been shortlisted for the £10,000 prize. Selected from a longlist of UK-based practitioners nominated by experts and practitioners, the finalists demonstrated both entrepreneurship and experimentation in equal measures; from the directors of Bristol Weaving Mill (products developed from local sourced wool & Alpaca) who have built up their brand following a demand for small-batch, innovative woven fabric to Fabio Hendry whose focus on ‘overlooked matter’ has led him to create furniture from nylon powder, a by-product of 3D printing. With Oscar Lhermitte, his success in bringing a highly designed product to market from an initial idea was highly rated by the judges as was Liam Hopkins’ combination of traditional handcraft techniques, modern computer-based modelling and pattern cutting using the lightest materials.

    The judges included jeans entrepreneur David Hieatt (Huit Denim), designer Sarah Van Gameren(Glithero) and craft specialist Martina Margetts. The recipient of the award will be announced at a special ceremony at London's ICA on Monday 28th January at the Arts Foundation Futures Awards 2019 when £78,000 of awards will be announced across the Arts, with each of the runners-up receiving £1,000. The other categories for 2019 include Experimental Architecture, Hip Hop Dance, Visual Arts and Poetry.

    The Clothworkers’ Company’s focus is on supporting textiles research, innovation, skills and links with industry; and on fostering wider participation in trusteeship and charity governance. Its sister organisation, The Clothworkers' Foundation, supports charities which are set up to improve the lives of people and communities particularly those facing disadvantage. To date it has awarded grants of more than £130m.

    Image : Hot Wire Extensions by Fabio Hendry

  • 12-11-2018
  • Andrew Kötting - Earthworks trilogy

  • Sat 17 Nov The Brighton Film Festival, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne
    This Filthy Earth + INTRO - 11am
    Ivul - 2.00pm
    Lek and the Dogs - 4.30pm

    Following his exhibition at Towner Art Gallery last year, Andrew Kötting returns to Eastbourne to present a rare opportunity to see his Earthworks trilogy in its entirety.
    Andrew will be with us all day, introducing each film, before being joined by Jason Wood (Artistic Director of Film at HOME in Manchester) for an extended Q&A after the final part of the trilogy, Lek and the Dogs. Tickets are available for the whole triple bill and each individual film.

    For more info visit http://www.cine-city.co.uk/event/andrew-kotting-earthworks-trilogy/?fbcl...