• 17-10-2017
  • Sarah Staton shortlisted for Architectural Award

  • Fellow Sarah Staton is presently shortlisted for a Brick Award for a public sculpture 'Edith and Hans' commissioned by University of Bristol. The sculpture is a permanent new outdoor artwork in Bristol, referencing the city’s rich brick-making history. The ‘social sculpture’ is Located in a meadow between the Wills Hall and Hiatt Baker halls of residence, the new artwork is conceived as an ‘outdoor room’ - somewhere between a ruin and an archaeological find, providing a place for contemplation, a meeting space or a site for picnicking. The award is announced on Nov 9th - fingers crossed Sarah!

  • 18-09-2017
  • MIchael Simpson at BlainSouthern Berlin

  • An exhibition by painting fellow Michael Simpson has just opened at BlainSouthern Berlin running until the 28th October and launched during Berlin Art Week. The show entitled Squint has 20 new works by Simpson, many of which are very large format, one being composed four-part polyptych over three metres high and seven metres wide. Having recently won the John Moores Painting Prize, exhibiting At Marlborough Contemporary in NYC, the White Cube in 2016 and being shown widely with the British Council, this is the first solo show in Germany for Simpson. For more information http://www.blainsouthern.com/exhibitions/2017/squint

  • 05-09-2017
  • Marianna Simnett : Matts Gallery London 8th September

  • Worst Gift, is a new film installation by Marianna Simnett comprising video, liquid, light and sound and continues Simnett’s ongoing exploration of female subjectivity and bodily integrity as they relate to the power dynamics of the medical profession.

    Worst Gift is set in an alternate world in which a voice surgeon (played by real-life surgeon and singer Dr Declan Costello) injects prepubescent boys with a substance to lower their voices. Shot in a Botox factory and theatrical surgery, the film follows a female protagonist (played by the artist) as she ventures on a mission to obtain the substance refused to her by the surgeon.

    Soundtracked by Marianna Simnett, Lucinda Chua and Leo Chadburn, Worst Gift combines elements of fairy tales and musicals to create an unsettling sound world, at once invitingly familiar and acutely unnerving. Punctuated by worm-curses, love songs, and dream visions, Worst Gift charts a hallucinatory journey of transformation.

    Needles are a central motif in Worst Gift. These ambiguous objects are desired and feared in equal measure; they evoke the violence of penetration and the possibility of healing, mosquito stings and surgeons’ cures. Worst Gift extends the needle motif into the physical space of the gallery. Arranged on the ceiling, hundreds of needles illuminate in rhythmic counterpoint to the narrative unfolding on screen.

    Worst Gift is a sequel to Simnett’s previous video work, The Needle and the Larynx (2016). In the earlier film, a surgeon injects the artist’s vocal cords with Botox. The physical changes the procedure brings (Simnett’s voice lowered in pitch as a result of the injection) triggers an exploration of infection, gender, perversion, desire, and illness. In Worst Gift, these themes are heightened and intensified. Simnett confronts the viewer with a fantastically strange yet viscerally affecting world. Worst Gift is commissioned by Matt’s Gallery and funded by the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England.

  • 07-06-2017
  • Julia Lohmann & Gero Grundmann at Boisbuchet in August

  • Julia Lohmann & Gero Grundmannn will be offering a workshop from the 20th to the 26th August entitled Animism - the Tales of Matter. Every year at Boisbuchet the most inspiring architects & designers from all over the world are invited to give a week-long workshop at the Domaine de Boisbuchet in South-West France. Every tutor takes into account the inspiring natural environment, and crafts a theme for participants to build upon. Every single workshop is a unique hands-on experience, with the guarantee of learning by doing with materials and tools provided by Boisbuchet. Throughout the week, participants get insights on the process & techniques of top designers, and have the opportunity to connect with like-minded, passionate people. For more information and to book your place go to https://www.boisbuchet.org/animism-the-tales-of-matter-with-julia-lohmann/

  • 16-05-2017
  • Hollie McNish wins Ted Hughes award

  • Hollie McNish has won the Ted Hughes Award for her collection Nobody Told Me (Blackfriars), a collection of McNish's diary entries which document parenthood and address love, sex, feeding, gender, ice cream, race, commercialism and finding secret places to scream every once in a while. According to the judges, “this collection broke new ground reporting from the front line of motherhood. Poetry and prose mix well creating an internal rhythm that is conversational and honest. Hollie McNish deals with big issues without flinching from inadequacies and failings whilst reaching out to new poetry readers with her accessible style.” http://poetrysociety.org.uk/competitions/ted-hughes-award/