• 10-03-2014
  • Ceramicist Sara Radstone exhibition in April

  • Sara Radstone will be opening a new show at Marsden Woo Gallery in London on the 3rd April to 10th May 2014. Entitled "Explorations of memory and traces of human activity through the medium of abstract ceramic sculpture" the exhibition continues Sara's lifetime obsession with things that are overlooked or discarded. Her most recent sculptures on the theme of distant and fragile memory make reference to both past works and more universal themes. Some aspects of her investigation include the re-envisioning of her personal visual language. She speaks of ‘Re-visiting a sense of volume and seeing it differently’, to overturn the original idea to the degree of ‘going to the absolute opposite’. Thus formerly enclosed shapes are now ripped open, while a delicate, skeletal wall-mounted piece, composed of frail fragments, makes poignant reference to an earlier sculpture, sadly lost alongside numerous other contemporary British artworks in the MoMart warehouse fire of 2004.
    Go to http://www.marsdenwoo.com/exhib3.htm for more info.

  • 06-03-2014
  • Premier of Mathew Harris' Field Notes Tour

  • On the 8th March at the Town Hall in Wem, Shropshire, Textile artist Mathew Harris will launch his exciting new project Field Notes which will be on tour throughout March and then October. The attached image 'Pittcroft Whip Ha’, pigment and dye on folded and stitched cloth, 130 x 70cm, is part of Matthew Harris’ completed cloth artwork for Field Notes. The name makes reference to fields listed on the ‘Leeke Survey’, a historic record of the carving and cutting up of land where fields have become fragments, floating free of any surrounding landscape. Catch it at Stroud International Textiles on the 29th March. For more details go to http://fieldnotestour.co.uk/. There will be an extended film added to the blog soon that illustrates the whole project from start to finish.

  • 05-03-2014
  • A major new exhibition for Permindar Kaur at Lakeside Art Gallery, Nottingham

  • Permindar Kaur's new exhibition 'Hiding Out', will be at the Djanogly Gallery, Lakeside Art Centre, Nottingham University from the 2nd May - 16th June.

    Since the 1990s Permindar has created sculptural objects and installations that explore the territory of cultural identity, home and belonging. She does this by apparently innocent means, invoking childhood and domestic spaces. Little figures and animals fashioned in soft fleece resembling half-stuffed toys are the players in her game. However, these are far from sentimental trophies; the comfort of fabric is checked by the cold contours of copper and steel. Her toys are armed with claws, horns and beaks, belying their apparent vulnerability and giving them an air of comic menace. Others disappear against identically coloured or patterned backgrounds, an elaborate game of hide-and-seek perhaps, or a strategy of camouflage or self-negation? Adaption, mimicry and mirroring: strategies of integration and assimilation. In another group of works, doorways deliberately screened or blocked negate the idea of welcome or the homely.

    This is the first major exhibition of new work produced over the last ten years by an artist whose concerns with cultural exclusivity remain as pertinent as ever. See http://www.lakesidearts.org.uk/Exhibitions/ViewEvent.html?e=2570&c=5&d=2916 for times and more info.