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Danny Noble (Comics, 2020)Danny Noble

Danny Noble

Shortlisted in 2020 for Comics

Danny Noble started writing a diary when she was a child, religiously penning her thoughts to paper – first in word, then picture form. Writing a diary allowed Noble to turn her life into funny stories, a form of “therapy” that has shaped her artistic career.

Calvin & Hobbes and Bill Waterson were Noble’s pathway into comics – she was mesmerised by the worlds they created at the flick of a pen. After this she gradually found herself drawing panels instead of single images.

“Still confessional, but edited to be entertaining”, Noble published autobiographical comic strips entitled Monday Morning (2008) which were influenced by her diary entries. It was important to her to be “as unexpected and funny as possible”, however she ultimately had a realisation that she had to stop “hiding behind a punchline” and let her “raw old self lie exposed on the page”, channeling this in works such as Diazepam Diaries (2017).

Much of Noble’s works are self-published, however her drawings were also chosen to illustrate her “childhood comedy hero” Adrian Edmondson’s children’s books Tilly and the Time Machine (2017) and Junkyard Jack and the Horse that Talked (2018).

Danny’s graphic novel Shame Pudding was released in 2020.