Max Frommeld (Furniture Design, 2017)Arno Mathies Folding Boat

Max Frommeld

Fellow in 2017 for Furniture Design

As part of the application I made clear that if I won the Award I would have the opportunity to commit to my first ever solo exhibition at the renowned ARAM Gallery in London. I had never been in such a financial position to commit to such an opportunity before.

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Functionality and play are at the core of Max Frommeld’s creative thinking. His work is influenced by the industrial traditions of Ulm, South Germany, where he spent school summers working in various manufacturing facilities, an experience which sparked his interest in design and production processes.
Frommeld feels ‘obligated to solve problems’, especially for the user who he sees as the protagonist in every project. His practice spans a range of scales from spoons to buildings and what unites the diverse projects is his interest in influencing people’s daily routines by enhancing the various things we use and live with. For example, Folding Boat and Folding Sled (2012-2016) explore innovative ways to improve traditional and seasonal products. By using a simple plastic hinge, the boats and sleds are collapsible and easy to store. Frommeld’s shelf Adapt (2014) is an expansive system of adjustable slats, which allow the user to configure the shelf in a variety of ways depending on interior constraints or specific needs. Frommeld’s Playground/Playstructure (2016) for a client in London demonstrates the designer’s love of structures on a larger scale. Described as a climbing frame, the project provides both versatile and specific play spaces for three children of different ages.
Frommeld’s Folding Boat was shortlisted for It’s Nice That’s Product of the Year (2011), Wallpaper’s Best Life Enhancing Product Award (2012) and the Federal Swiss Design Award (2013). Exhibitions include Instructions for Use, Clerkenwell Design Week, London (2014), Design Parade 11, Villas Noailles, France (2016) and No Ordinary Love, Seeds Gallery, London (2016).