Bio Design Award Shortlist

The Bio Design Award champions forward-looking creative practitioners designing with biomaterials for the environment. ⁠Questioning how we accelerate our transition away from extractive and carbon-centric design and materials, the award goes beyond environmental sustainability, to include practices and design innovations that work towards symbiosis with nature. Meet the Shortlist:


Jesse Adler

Jesse Adler created a makeup collection to demonstrate the viability of fungal pigments and their potential to reduce or replace our dependence on non-renewable colourants, such as minerals and fossil fuels.

Thora Arnardottir 

Thora Arnardottir designs novel fabrication methods that utilise bacterial biomineralisation to form calcified biocomposite materials. She is co-founder of @bio.babes and founder of @unrulymatters.

Malu Luecking

Malu Luecking is an interdisciplinary designer. She explores the potential of both microalgae and macroalgae as a resource of regenerative aquaculture for today’s material world and the future of food.

Louise Lenborg Skajem

⁠Louise Lenborg Skajem is an interdisciplinary designer who uses material exploration and biomimicry as methods to design innovations that tackle climate change.


With thanks to our independent Bio Design Jury: Natsai Audrey Chieza, Leonie Bell, and Sarah Wigglesworth who said:

“All of the designers showed huge commitment and purpose in their research which is changing our response to the natural world. Often starting with a natural product or condition, these designers seek new uses and applications for these self-generating resources that could mean we touch the planet more lightly.”

The recipient of the £10,000 Arts Foundation Fellowship will be revealed at an Awards Ceremony on Thursday 23 February 2023, with all Shortlisted Artists receiving £1,000. Presented in partnership with Leeds 2023 Year of Culture!

The Bio Design Award is generously supported in partnership with The David Collins Foundation.⁠