• 04-03-2013
  • Samara Scott's new project at the Cabinet Rooms

  • Cd0xdsspi is the title of runner up Samara Scott's new project. The unpronounceable title comes from a text message the artist sent accidentally through her tight trouser pocket on a Friday night! Scott treats the space like a cleavage, a utilisation of a warm soft space for placing items. Objects are amassed from everyday life–sticky sweeties, warm-washed materials,
    starchy dyed foodstuffs, chewyBlu-Tack, hand torn crusts of sponges and glittery rubbish
    suggesting an underwater world of slow churning memories, synth pop or perhapsthe feeling
    of a summer holiday in the Bosporus. The tempo dribbling between these erratic ‘mating
    surfaces’ is hesitant, frustrated–a webby top layer scattering jerks of exclamation marks and
    slurred pauses. The posing composition of fizzy and soft edges and semi-undressed sediments
    are a lasagna-sandwich of plastic nostalgia. On until 6th July.

  • 04-02-2013
  • Opportunities at 2013 World Stage Design exhibition

  • World Stage Design 2013 to be staged in Cardiff this year is giving performance based designers a chance to exhibit at the event. In addition they can also apply to design a sustainable, temporal theatre to be built during the festival. For more details go to www.wsd2013.com

  • 25-01-2013

  • In a surprise move the Chair of the Arts Foundation William Sieghart announced last night at Pentagram that each of the runners-up would be receiving an award of £1,000 which met with cheers of delight from the invited audience. Due to the support received by the Lionel Bart Foundation for theatre and the Yoma Sasburg Fellowship for Sculpture the Foundation are now in a position to give financial awards to the runners-up who were shortlisted. 'It's wonderful to be able to acknowledge these great contenders with a financial prize' says Shelley Warren, director of the Foundation. 'To get to this position these artists have been through two selection processes and are working to very high standards. The Foundation has always wanted to award runner up prizes but just haven't been able to financially.'Antony Gormley, trustee and Guest of Honour at the awards handed over cheques totalling nearly £80,000 last night to artists working in Sculpture, Screenwriting, Composition for Musicals, Printmaking, Design for Performance and Still Life Photography. Go to 2013 Awards to see more about the artists who were there on the night. (Photo : Antony Gormley with Printmaker Dawn Cole, runner-up Photo by David Myers Photography).